Say I do to a rented tiara with Garrard’s bridal jewellery service

‘Something Borrowed’, from Garrard, invites prospective brides to choose from 19 rentable jewellery pieces for their big day

bride in rented tiara from Garrard ‘Something Borrowed' jewellery rental service
(Image credit: Garrard)

The traditional ‘something borrowed’ part of a bridal ensemble just got a little bit more exciting thanks to Garrard’s new jewellery rental service, which lets prospective brides choose from a selection of exquisite pieces, including two wedding tiaras.

Garrard jewellery rental earrings

(Image credit: Garrard)

The service aims to make high jewellery pieces accessible for all in a move that also nods to the growing circular economy. ‘The rental market for fashion is now quite established and there isn’t a similar offering for fine jewellery,’ note Garrard CEO Joanne Milner and creative director Sara Prentice. 

‘At the recent Coronation, both heritage and contemporary Garrard sat side by side, showcasing that jewellery is timeless and lasts forever. Jewellery couldn’t be a more perfect product for the rental model.’

Bridal jewellery rental: committing for just one day

tiara from Garrard jewellery rental service

(Image credit: Garrard)

The service allows clients to enjoy wearing pieces without the need for purchase. ‘The rental fee for each piece of jewellery is then redeemable against purchasing a piece of Garrard jewellery within the following 12 months,’ the duo add. 

‘With this purchase, the customer may choose more everyday jewellery, which still reminds the wearer of their wedding day, but becomes a more functional piece of jewellery. The jewellery included in “Something Borrowed” has the opportunity to be worn by others beyond being limited potentially to a singular wedding day.’

fan-shaped Garrard earrings from jeweller rental service

(Image credit: Garrard)

To set the matrimonial mood, each of the 19 pieces available in the series is set with a tiny blue sapphire. ‘It is not only the house’s signature stone but also represents ‘something blue’ – as well, of course, as being the something borrowed!’

rental necklace by Garrard Something Borrowed

(Image credit: Garrard)

rental earrings by Garrard Something Borrowed

(Image credit: Garrard)

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